As one of the global leaders in the manufacture of machines and plants, we offer individual solutions and advanced know-how along the entire value chain of ceramic production.

Our company is a strong partner in the fields of automation and robotics as well as for the topical subject Industry 4.0.

The engineering services for raw material and processes as well as the plant optimizations precisely adapted to customer’s needs, the innovative production concepts and the range of services offered by us enable our customers to gain significant advantages over their competitors.

With its headquarter in Krumbach (Schwaben), our company currently employs 300 people all over the world and is represented in many countries by more than 30 branch offices, sales partners and licensees.

Quality, competence and reliability – wer are LINGL SOLEAD GmbH.


LINGL SOLEAD GmbH worldwide



Dr. Joachim Eibel Management
Karl Liedel Distribution
Bernd Braun Service
Jürgen Hofmann IT
Frank Staudenmaier Commercial Administration
Markus Martl Technical


Philosophy and Guiding Principles


The enthusiasm and expertise of our motivated staff are the basis for innovative developments.

Being a company with clear and structured processes, we act quickly and with the responsibility and flexibility required for individual issues. This is the key to our success. As a strong, reliable and competent partner of the customers and suppliers, LINGL SOLEAD GmbH stands for solutions, products and services of high quality. Our future-oriented ideas set new standards.


Guiding Principles

1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is continuously focused on and is a major motivator for our actions

2. Employee satisfaction

By treating each other with respect and by enthusiasm we increase the commitment to the company. The competence in the product and process is increased by continuous training sessions and continuing education programs. We offer our employees a positive and safe work environment

3. Sustainable generation of profit

Based on consistently high cost awareness as well as on effective and efficient work we ensure the profitable business of our company.

4. Technological lead

By gaining a technical lead in plant construction and process engineering we distinguish ourselves from our competitors and expand our market position.

5. Professionalism

Due to the professionalism of our total operations we achieve a high degree of satisfaction on the side our business partner

6. Responsible action

For this purpose, we apply cross-functional thinking, engagement and flexibility. By identifying ourselves with our products and services we achieve a high product responsibility.

7. Ability to change / ability to adapt to anticipated changes

Being a forward-looking company, we identify changes in the markets, in legislation and in society at an early stage and provide answer

8. Communication and public relation work

LINGL creates transparency and trust among business partners, employees and the public through active communication both internally and externally.

9. Continuous improvement of business processes

We achieve our common success through effective teamwork, through continuous innovation activities and improvement processes.

10. Resource commitment

In addition to observing statutory regulations, we encourage the conscious acting of our employees regarding the consumption of resources. By the judicious use of energy-efficient components and solutions we achieve a maximum degree of environmental protection.


Certificates and Patents


LINGL SOLEAD GmbH is certified in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

These globally recognised standards prove that all processes and work routines are subject to permanent monitoring and thus to continuous improvement.


The roots of the company LINGL were laid by the company’s founder, Hans Lingl sen., at Weilheim in Upper Bavaria. He installed his inventor’s workshop there and, in 1936 at the age of 26, he filed his first patent for engobing roof tiles. More than 100 patents followed in the course of his career.

The innovation activities and the inventive spirit of the Swabian company continue to this very day resulting in more than 300 applied for patents.

The first continuous dryer was built in 1954 and allowed for a significantly higher productivity combined with quality enhancement. In 1955, LINGL launched its first rotary cutter for the brick industry on the market and soon rotary cutters could be found in every modern brick plant. These inventions followed by many others formed the basis for the fully automated production in the brick industry.

The latest developments include among others products such as sanding technology for products, equipment for cutting contours into bricks, universal cutter with pre-cutting device, linear transfer device and an innovative operating concept. The rational use of energy in the ceramic production process is a central challenge and, here again, LINGL SOLEAD GmbH is setting important milestones for an energetically favourable ceramic production process.

To this day, the LINGL SOLEAD GmbH holds numerous patents and utility models.