We have developed unique service portfolios for the industrial sectors we serve. The broad range of services offered together with our experienced and especially trained staff ensures the efficient production of our plants installed all over the world.

In addition to the traditional supply of spare and wear parts, our services also include seminars and trainings, maintenance and servicing, process analyses, modernizations and optimizations as well as machinery and plant checks.

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Spare Parts Service

Spare and Wear Parts

The rapid availability of spare parts is an important prerequisite for the operation of production plants. The high quality standard of the parts and perfect logistics are the guarantee for short downtimes and a high availability of your equipment. Spare parts from LINGL SOLEAD GmbHare tailored hundred percent to your LINGL SOLEAD GmbH equipment.


Spare Parts Packages

Put individually together for new or already existing production plants, our spare and wear parts packages ensure the highest production reliability and machinery availability in your plant. We also offer the corresponding spare and wear parts packages for the targeted maintenance of individual machines or plant components.


Repair Processing

LINGL SOLEAD GmbH organizes all the logistic procedures for processing your repairs. Just send us the appropriate information, by e-mail or fax, and we will organize all the work for you, from pickup and repair to return shipment.

It‘s as easy as this:

  • Download the „Repair Processing“ form
  • Fill it in and e-mail it to or fax it to +49 (0) 8282/825-749

We will handle your repair job smoothly and swift.


Maintenance / Servicing


More than 800 industrial robots are operational in our plants worldwide.

The 12-point service of LINGL SOLEAD GmbH focusses not only on the robot itself, but also on the „environment“ of the robot and the production sequences it is involved in:

  • Entry briefing with customer
  • Safeguarding of all data (backups, collision dates, etc.)
  • Measurement of vibrations at defined places
  • Cleanliness: cleaning before maintenance
  • Safety: securing of robot and robot arm, fixing of maintenance position
  • Service work according to the maintenance manual of the manufacturer
  • Grease change (5-step-change) and grease analysis
  • Check of the mounted gripping units (and change systems)
  • Check of the safety equipment of the entire robot cell
  • Test run of the robot system with test program and restart of production
  • Closure meeting with customer
  • Detailed service report

In addition to the pure robot service, we also offer our competitive in-house repair service for robot drives and robot balancers.


Machinery and Equipment

We recommend routine inspection, maintenance and repair about two or three times a year. This work is done by an experienced team of 3 men made up of one process engineer, one electronics specialist and one mechanic.

In addition to the inspection, maintenance and repair of entire plants, we offer this service of course for partial systems and individual machines, too.


Gas Systems – Safety Check

Authorized service technicians perform the maintenance work on all your gas systems in accordance with the manufacturer‘s instructions, statutory regulations and guidelines.

The tests are based on the inspection and maintenance intervals specified by the manufacturer of the systems in accordance with German TRGI/DVGW guidelines. After completion of the work, you will receive a detailed inspection report. Currently, this service can only be provided in Germany due to the legal regulations.


Plant / Process Optimization

Check of Machinery and Plants

Have an inspection of your machinery and equipment carried out by the service staff of LINGL SOLEAD GmbH. At a fixed price, the system check is performed and discussed with you directly on the spot. In this context, we also make suggestions on how your plant can be optimized.

Competent advice and support over the entire life cycle of the production facility with the objective of:

  • reducing the operating costs
  • increasing the production quality
  • increasing the plant availability and the machinery service life


Retrofit: Modernization & Upgrades

Performance features such as top production quality and economic parameters are not only associated with new machines. Being characterized by an enormous flexibility, LINGL SOLEAD GmbH machinery are quickly and cost-effectively brought up in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology by conversions and upgrades, thus enabling you to react to new requirements.


The following reference projects show a small selection of our range of activities:

  • Cutter: conversion to electrical deviation of the wire
  • Process control system: upgrade of WinCC-NT or XP systems to WinCC _____
  • Frequency converter: Danfoss VLT series to FC series
  • Electric control system: modernization Simatic S5 – S7 – IA
  • MBVL: update of the machinery operation and visualization system
  • Grinding units: optimization by improved pressure beams, infeed and discharge via toothed belts,……..
  • …..


Analyses of the Processes in the Dryer / Kiln

The thermal processes in dryer and kiln are decisive factors as concerns the production in your plant. The LINGL SOLEAD GmbH process analysis supplies the necessary basic data and recommendations to optimize the alignment of three components strongly influencing each other, namely “energy consumption – product quality – output”.

Based on the analysis of the thermal processes in dryer and kiln together with a simultaneously carried out analysis of the raw material, we show potentials which can be achieved through modernization and optimization measures. All calculations and analysis will be summarized in extensive test reports providing detailed statements.


Analysis of Raw Materials

The analysis of the raw materials is an essential prerequisite for the optimal design of the units as well as for dryer and kiln analysis, since the characteristics of the individual components substantially determine the product quality.


Mobile Laboratory Dryers

Our laboratory dryers provide the possibility to simulate various drying conditions on your site using original products. These units enable us to check optimizations with regard to energy saving and quality improvement as well as to increases in capacity.


Process engineering

Lingl process analysis – from raw material to process engineering

We offer  you a  complete process engineering service  in your  plant :

  • the analysis of raw materials and fuels with regard to  their  suitability,  their  possible uses,the  product quality to be achieved   and  the  expected  emissions
  • theprocess engineering process analysis and subsequent optimisation of dryers and kilns – in terms ofenergy consumption, pollutant emissions and the avoidance ofdrying and firing errors through the best possible use of existing technology
  • Drying of original blanks and avoid green breakage
  • firing original  blanks  in the gas-fired test kiln  under oxidising and reducing  conditions to optimise firing curves or to evaluate the properties  and avoid firing errors
  • Burner optimisationin the test furnace with regard to emissions and temperature distribution
  • Accompanying process engineering certifications and  tests
  • Automationof  process engineering processes  and  procedures
  • Planning of laboratory equipmentfor raw material and product monitoring
  • Training or adviceon the above topics


Raw material: laboratory analyses

At the beginning of every process there is always the raw material.  Therefore we offeryou an all-round, material and ceramic-technologicalexamination of your raw materials and additives. With the help of the results and decades of theoretical and practical experience ,we will be happy to advise you in clarifying your specific questions, e.g. in the event of changes to your raw materials, optimisation of mixtures, quality problems or damagethat has occurred .  The laboratory tests are also an integral part of process engineering process analysis. If necessary, we supplement the investigations with our own sampling. the standard testscarried out  arethe following:

  • Mineral Analysis
  • Chemical analysis, EDX, REM
  • Pollutant analysis of raw materials, fuels and water
  • Grain analysis
  • Elemental analysis of fuels and porous materials
  • Raw material enthalpy, calorific value
  • Forming, drying and firing properties

In doing so, we  make use ofour intensive contacts with universities, technical colleges and measuring and testing institutes. These contacts enable us to always find competent, uncomplicated and quick solutions.


Process engineering: process analyses, measurements and optimisations on site

With the help of  technical  processes , you can  then   manufacture  the desired products from  your raw materials . In  a process analysis , the condition of  the  process engineering plants  as well as all  surrounding  processes  and  the   raw materials used  in the factory  are  recorded and evaluated.   The process analysis  thus   forms  the basis for well-founded  decisions on future investments in addition to  the  existing optimisation possibilities on site. We offer the  always  target-oriented  analyses   for:

  • reductionof   and emissions (CO2, SOx, NOx)
  • Increasing the output
  • Improving product quality
  • Support during ISO certification, etc.

The big advantageus is thatwe not onlyanalyseyour technology and  suggest possible solutions, but that our suggestions for complementary technologycan also be built and put into operation by us. The theory is put into practice and finds its completion here.


Consulting and optimisation

Whether consulting, optimisation, search for raw materials, production monitoring or final and quality control: we come to you and support you in your plant in the following topics:

  • Characterisation, mining, storage and preparationof  raw materials
  • Optimisation of raw material blends
  • Checking the use of additives
  • Form
  • Drying
  • Burning
  • emissions
  • Setting and unloading
  • Packaging
  • Testing oftechnological processes and procedures
  • Determining energy consumption and energy saving opportunities
  • Production and quality control


Seminars and Trainings

Inhouse & On-Site

Innovations and new technologies demand from your employees increasingly specialized technical skills and competences. This know how is offered by LINGL SOLEAD GmbH in the form of clearly defined seminars and training courses.


Our INHOUSE SEMINARS – at our headquarters in Krumbach – provide practice-oriented trainings on the following topics:

  • Robotics
  • Simatic TIA
  • Drive technology


We constantly expand our range of ON-SITE TRAININGS at your plant. By means of our MOBILE ROBOT TRAINING CELL, your staff is trained directly on site. The seminars SIMATIC TIA and DRIVE TECHNOLOGY are carried out with MOBILE TRAINING STATIONS.



Dates by arrangement
Participants Shift foremen, works electricians, machine operators, maintenance staff
Prerequisite Basic knowledge of  the current windows operating systems
Duration 3 days
  • Hardware
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Program structure
  • Data transfer
  • Coordinate systems
  • Correction of position via operating system
  • Matrix programming system (MPS)
  • Working with the manual control unit
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Connection/interface to the machinery operation and visualization system of Lingl (MBVL)
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Simatic TIA

Dates by arrangement
Participants Works electricians, maintenance staff, shift foremen
Prerequisite Basic knowledge of  the current windows operating systems and programming
Duration 5 days
  • Introduction to the S7-400 / S7-1500 hardware structure
  • Programming with STEP 7 or TIA software
  • Creation of modules
  • Introduction to programming techniques
  • Working with test functions
  • Documentation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Presentation of safety PLC
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Drive and Control Technology

Dates by arrangement
Participants Works electricians, maintenance staff, shift foremen
Prerequisite Basic knowledge of  the current windows operating systems
Duration 3 days
  • Introduction to the drive technology
    • Frequency converters
    • Servo converters
    • Positioning control
  • Setting of control drives
  • Data back-up / archiving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Exchange of equipment
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More Services

Support Hotline
Technical assistance and advice is initially provided over the telephone, where we discuss the current problem and how to solve it with you.
To do so, we have a skilled team made up of specialists from all the relevant technical divisions. The possibility of a diagnosis over the telephone and our assistance in remedying any fault enables us to help you quickly and inexpensively.

+49 8282 825 55

Service on the Spot
If a visit is needed in addition to the over-the-telephone support then a LINGL service technician will be sent to your plant at very short notice. Qualified specialists are therefore available to assist on site.

Remote Service
If you already have a LINGL Service Partner Agreement then you can cost-effectively benefit from this additional service from our technical support.
Thanks to direct access to the machine data, user interfaces, software of the facility and dialog with your employees, our specialists can take the necessary steps for rectifying any problems.
This service is of great benefit in particular for the processing facilities of dryer and kiln.
It often allows expensive on-the-spot work to be avoided.